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Selected Peer Reviewed Publications


Rv3615c is a highly immunodominant RD1 (Region of Difference 1)-dependent secreted antigen specific for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Kerry A. Millington, Sarah M. Fortune, Jeffrey Low, Alejandra Garces, Suzanne M. Hingley-Wilson, Melissa Wickremasinghe, Onn M. Kon, and Ajit Lalvani

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A Historic Moment for Open Science: The Yale University Open Data Access Project and Medtronic

Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, SM, Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, Cary P. Gross, MD, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, Beth Hodshon, JD, MPH, RN, Jessica D. Ritchie, MPH, Jeffrey B. Low, AB, Richard Lehman, MD

Systematic Reviews.png

Comparison of two independent systematic reviews of trials of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2): the Yale Open Data Access Medtronic Project

Jeffrey Low, Joseph S. Ross, Jessica D. Ritchie, Cary P. Gross, Richard Lehman, Haiqun Lin, Rongwei Fu, Lesley A. Stewart & Harlan M. Krumholz

Spine moving foward.jpeg

Moving Forward From rhBMP-2: Open Science and Data Sharing

Jeffrey B Low, Joseph S Ross, Harlan M Krumholz


Operationalizing Value-Based Healthcare Strategies: Data Sharing & Cost Measurement In Orthopaedics

Jeffrey Low

Thesis advised by Gary Friedlaender and Kevin Bozic

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Disruptive Innovation: The Role of Hospitals, Integration, and the Value-Added Process

Jeffrey Low, Richard Menger, Gregory Mundis Jr.

spine complications.jpeg

Complications Associated With the Use of the Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Proteins for Posterior Interbody Fusions of the Lumbar Spine

Chrastil, Jesse, MD; Low, Jeffrey B., BA; Whang, Peter G., MD, FACS; Patel, Alpesh A., MD, FACS

Spine moving foward.jpeg

ProDisc-L Total Disc Replacement: A Comparison of 1-Level Versus 2-Level Arthroplasty Patients With a Minimum 2-Year Follow-up

Hannibal, Matthew, MD; Thomas, Derek J., MD; Low, Jeffrey; Hsu, Ken Y., MD; Zucherman, James, MD